Step6: Create T1 Gateway, Configure Route Advertisement & Add Overlay Segments & VLAN Segments

Link for all Steps : 10 Steps to Deploy NSX-T

(Previous Step) Step 5 : Configure Edge Transport Node, Deploy NSX-T Edge VM & Create NSX Edge Cluster

A Tier-1 Gateway performs the functions of a tier-1 logical router. It has downlink connections to segment and uplink connections (auto-plumb) to a tier-0 gateway. The auto-plumbing from a Tier-1 Gateway supports Route Advertisements, static and recursive static routes.

1. Click Networking -> Tier-1 Gateways -> ADD TIER-1 GATEWAY

2. Specify the name and leave all other settings default, Click SAVE:

Note: At this point we are not linking the Tier-1 Gateway to a Tier-0 Gateway. It will be linked later

3. Select the T0 (Tier-0) Gateway from the drop down menu, expand Route Advertisements -> Enable “All Connected Segments & Service Ports”, click “SAVE” and “CLOSE EDITING”:

Confirm the status, it should show “Up” when the Tier 1 Gateway is ready for use:

Segment performs the functions of a logical switch and connects to gateways and VMs. Like the Tier-1 Gateway, a Segment has different naming references: “Segment” in the Simplified UI (Policy UI) and logical switch in the Advance UI (Manager UI).

4. Click Networking -> Segments -> ADD SEGMENT:

5. Specify the name as LS-101 and select the Transport Zone Overlay

6. Specify the name as LS-102 and select the Transport Zone Overlay

7. Specify the name as LS-103 and select the Transport Zone Overlay

8. Specify the name as TOR-1 and select the Transport Zone VLAN

9. Specify the name as TOR-2 and select the Transport Zone VLAN


This concludes this step of creating overlay segments successfully.

(Next Step) Step 7 : Create T0 Gateway [active-active] & Configure Uplink

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