Step7: Create T0 Gateway [active-active] & Configure Uplink

Link for all Steps : 10 Steps to Deploy NSX-T

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Tier-0 Gateway performs the functions of a Tier-0 logical router. It has downlink connections (auto-plumb) to Tier-1 Gateway(s) and uplink connections to physical networks.

1. Click Networking -> Tier-0 Gateways -> ADD TIER-0 GATEWAY

2. Specify the name as Tier0-GW, select “Active-Active” as Ha Mode and the Edge Cluster and click SAVE:

3. Now the Tier0 is created, Click on modify (or continue configuring) to configure

4. Click “Interfaces” and then “Set”:


6. Specify the name, IP, Connected to Segments Edge Node, Click “SAVE”.

7. Click “ADD INTERFACE” again:

8. This time specify the name as Uplink-ToR-2, IP, Connected to Segments as ToR-2, Edge Node, Click “SAVE”:

9. Both Interface should now list and show the status “Up”:

10. Click on Close Editing to SAVE:


(Next Step) Step 8 : T0 Gateway : Configure BGP & Map Neighbor to specific Uplink Interface

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