Step8: T0 Gateway : Configure BGP & Map Neighbor to specific Uplink Interface

Link for all Steps : 10 Steps to Deploy NSX-T

(Previous Step) Step 7 : Create T0 Gateway [active-active] & Configure Uplink

1. Click on edit Tier-0 GW,

2. Activate BGP and Specify the Local AS number as 65000 :

3. Click on Set (to map neighbors)

4. Click “Add BGP NEIGHBOURS”:

5. Specify the IP Address of the ToR (Physical Switch) interface, Remote AS number, Click “SAVE”. Click “Add BGP NEIGHBOURS” again:

6. Specify the second neighbour interface, Remote AS number, Click “SAVE”:

7. Click again “Add BGP NEIGHBOURS” to add the second one:

8. Confirm the status as “Up”, Click “CLOSE”:



Confirm the status showing “Up”, as shown in the Tier-0 GW view !


(Next Step) Step 9 : Connect T1 Gateway to T0 Gateway & Configure Route Distribution on T0