Step9: Connect T1 Gateway to T0 Gateway & Configure Route Distribution on T0

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1. Go to NSX-T Manager UI, Click Networking -> Tier-1 Gateways -> Click the three dots:

2. Click Edit:

3. Select the T0 (Tier-0) Gateway from the drop down menu, expand Route Advertisements -> Enable “All Connected Segments & Service Ports”, click “SAVE” and “CLOSE EDITING”:

This concludes this step of connecting a T1 (Tier-1) Gateway to a T0 (Tier-0) Gateway:

4. Go to NSX-T Manager UI, Click Networking -> Tier-0 Gateways -> Click the three dots (and Edit)

5. Expand “ROUTE RE-DISTRIBUTION”, click “Set”:

6. Click on Add Route Re-Distribution:

7. Add BGP on Destination Protocol and Click on Set:

8. Check the box next to “Static Routes”, “Connected Interfaces & Segments” under Tier-0 Subnets; “Connected Subnets” under Advertised Tier-1 Subnets, click Apply:

9. Click again on Apply:



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